Preventive Maintenance

Grindmaster-Cecilware warranties are conditional on required preventive maintenance.

Grindmaster-Cecilware must receive proof of required preventive maintenance performed to activate second year warranty; see four categories below.

Category 1: Care and Use Per Frequency Specified in Operators Manual

  • Coffee Grinders
  • Coffee Brewers (except RC400)
  • Hot Water Dispensers
  • Liquid Autofill Systems
  • Cooking, Warming, and Cooling Equipment

Category 2: Onsite Preventive Maintenance through Grindmaster-Cecilware

Must be scheduled and completed within 30 days of one-year anniversary of purchase through Grindmaster-Cecilware Technical Service. To schedule, contact Grindmaster-Cecilware Technical Service by email at Preventive Maintenance kits need to be shipped within 30 days of the due date to satisfy warranty terms and conditions.

  • Urns and Hot Water Heaters

Category 3: One Year Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Espresso Machines

SeriesModelPreventative Maintenance Kit Part NumberDownload Instruction Sheet
Super Automatic EspressoKorinto 1/2250-00139

Orange Juice Machines

SeriesModelPreventative Maintenance Kit Part NumberDownload Instruction Sheet
Countertop Orange JuiceJX15MC250-00168
Floor Model Orange JuiceJX45AF250-00169

Category 4: Six Months Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Powdered Beverage Dispensers

SeriesModelPreventative Maintenance Kit Part NumberDownload Instruction Sheet
Radiance 5 FlavorRAD5A-B250-00166
Radiance 5 FlavorRAD5B-B250-00166
Radiance 5 FlavorRAD5BW-B250-00166
Radiance 5 FlavorRAD5C-B250-00166
Radiance 5 FlavorRAD5CW-B250-00166
Radiance 10 FlavorRAD10A-B250-00167
Radiance 10 FlavorRAD10B-B250-00167
Radiance 10 FlavorRAD10BW-B250-00167
Radiance 10 FlavorRAD10C-B250-00167
Radiance 10 FlavorRAD10CW-B250-00167
PIC 2 FlavorPIC2250-00255
PIC 3 FlavorPIC3250-00112
PIC 3 FlavorPIC33A250-00112
PIC 6 FlavorPIC6250-00114
GB 1 FlavorGB1CP250-00105
GB 2 FlavorGB2CP250-00106
GB 2 Flavor2K-GB-LD250-00106
GB 3 FlavorGB3CP250-00107
GB 3 Flavor3K-GB-NL250-00107
GB 3 Flavor3K-GB-LD250-00107
GB 3 FlavorGB3M5.5-LD250-00107
GB 3 FlavorGB3M10-LD-U250-00107
GB 4 Flavor4K-GB-LD250-00108
GB 6 FlavorGB6M10-LD-U250-00110
GB 8 FlavorGB8MP-10-LD-U250-00111
GB 1 Flavor Hot ChocolateGB1HC-CP250-00105
GB 1 Flavor Hot ChocolateGB1HC250-00105
GB 1 Flavor Hot ChocolateGB1SKI-HC250-00105
GB 2 Flavor Hot ChocolateGB2HC-CP250-00106
GB 2 Flavor Hot ChocolateGB2 SKI-BL-LD-HC250-00106

Delice Hot Dispensers

SeriesModelPreventative Maintenance Kit Part NumberDownload Instruction Sheet

Cold Beverage Dispensers

SeriesModelPreventative Maintenance Kit Part NumberDownload Instruction Sheet
Simplicity Bubbler Mini TwinCS-2E-16250-00120
Simplicity Bubbler Mini TwinCS-2E-16-S250-00121
Simplicity Bubbler Mini QuadCS-4E-16250-00122
Simplicity Bubbler Mini QuadCS-4E-16-S250-00123
Simplicity Bubbler Triple ComboCS-3D-16250-00128
Simplicity Bubbler Triple ComboCS-3D-16-S250-00129
Simplicity Bubbler Single StandardCS-1D-16250-00124
Simplicity Bubbler Single StandardCS-1D-16-S250-00125
Simplicity Bubbler Twin StandardCS-2D-16250-00126
Simplicity Bubbler Twin StandardCS-2D-16-S250-00127
Simplicity Bubbler Triple StandardCS-3L-16250-00130
Simplicity Bubbler Triple StandardCS-3L-16-S250-00131
Classic Bubbler StandardD15-3250-00136
Classic Bubbler StandardD15-4250-00136
Classic Bubbler StandardD25-3250-00138
Classic Bubbler StandardD25-4250-00138
Classic Bubbler StandardD35-3250-00140
Classic Bubbler StandardD35-4250-00140
Classic Bubbler MiniE29-3250-00142
Classic Bubbler MiniE29-4250-00142
Classic Bubbler MiniE49-3250-00144
Classic Bubbler MiniE49-4250-00144
G-Cool SingleC-1S-16250-00132
G-Cool DoubleC-2D-16250-00133
G-Cool Focus Flavor TripleC-3D-16250-00134
G-Cool Mini-DuoC-2S-16250-00133
G-Cool Mini-QuattroC-4D-16250-00135
Arctic Slow Agitation8/1250-00146
Arctic Slow Agitation8/2250-00147
Arctic Slow Agitation8/3250-00148
Arctic Slow Agitation8/4250-00149
Arctic Deluxe20/1PD250-00146
Arctic Deluxe20/2PD250-00147
Arctic Deluxe20/3PD250-00148
Arctic Deluxe20/4PD250-00149
Arctic Economy20/1PE250-00146
Arctic Economy20/2PE250-00147
Arctic Economy20/3PE250-00148
Arctic Economy20/4PE250-00149

Frozen Beverage and Dessert Dispensers

SeriesModelPreventative Maintenance Kit Part NumberDownload Instruction Sheet
NG 10 GranitaNG 10-2250-00160
NHT FrigoGranitaNHT2UL250-00150
NHT FrigoGranitaNHT2ULBL250-00150
NHT FrigoGranitaNHV2UL-AF250-00150
NHT FrigoGranitaNHT3UL250-00151
NHT FrigoGranitaNHT3ULBL250-00151
MT 1 MINI FrigoGranitaMT1MINI250-00152
MT 2 MINI FrigoGranitaMT2MINI250-00153
MT 3 MINI FrigoGranitaMT3MINI250-00154
MT Giant FrigoGranitaGIANT2250-00156
MT Giant FrigoGranitaGIANT2BL250-00156
MT Standard FrigoGranita ManualMT1PUL250-00157
MT Standard FrigoGranita ManualMT2UL250-00158
MT Standard FrigoGranita ManualMT2ULBL250-00158
MT Standard FrigoGranita ManualMT3UL250-00159
MT Standard FrigoGranita ManualMT3ULBL250-00159
MT Standard FrigoGranita AutoMT2ULAF250-00158
MT Standard FrigoGranita AutoMT2ULAFBL250-00158
MT Standard FrigoGranita AutoMT3ULAFBL250-00159
QuickGel FrozenQuickGel250-00161
MiniGel Plus FrozenMiniGel Plus 1250-00162
MiniGel Plus FrozenMiniGel Plus 2250-00163
3000 Barrel Mechanical Freezer3311250-00115
3000 Barrel Mechanical Freezer3511250-00117
3000 Barrel Mechanical Freezer3312250-00116
5000 Barrel Electronic Freezer5311250-00118
5000 Barrel Electronic Freezer5711250-00119
Remote Condensing Barrel Freezer3341250-00117