Company History

Grindmaster-Cecilware® was created in 2009 through the merger of Grindmaster Corporation® and Cecilware Corporation®, two companies with a rich and diverse corporate history. 2011 will mark the company’s 100th anniversary. Through the years, Grindmaster-Cecilware® has developed many innovative products for the food and beverage industries worldwide. Today, our products are marketed under the brand names Grindmaster®, Cecilware®, Crathco®, and American Metal Ware® and earned global recognition for their ability to satisfy the ever-changing demands of the food and beverage operating environment.

  • Founded on the principles of innovation and quality
  • Today: A global manufacturer of hot, cold, and frozen beverage dispensing equipment as well as a complementary foodservice equipment line.
  • Beginnings: In 1911, Cecilware® is founded by the Cecil Brothers and begins manufacturing foodservice equipment in Long Island City, New York. In 1933, Richard Shumman patented his unique style of coffee grinders, setting the stage for the creation of Grindmaster Corporation®.
  • Expansion and Diversification: Throughout these early years, both Grindmaster® and Cecilware® expand operations through extensive product development, diversification and acquisition.
  • 1960s: In 1963, Cecilware® introduces the FE100, the first fully automatic coffee urn.
  • 1970s: In 1975, Grindmaster® introduces 490 OF retail coffee grinder, a powerful yet user-friendly retail grinder with a modern, space-saving design.
  • 1980s: In 1988, Grindmaster® acquires Crathco LTD, the world’s leading manufacturer of cold beverage dispensers and innovation products, such as The Bubbler™.
  • 1990s: In 1994, Cecilware® introduces the GB3-MLD, the first commercial powdered beverage dispenser. In 1995, Grindmaster® acquires American Metal Ware®, a leading manufacturer of coffee and tea brewers.
  • The New Millennium: This period is marked by product diversification and innovation for both Grindmaster® and Cecilware®. Milestones include Cecilware’s® 5,6 and 8 flavor powder cappuccino machines, as well as improved technologies – aptly named F.A.S.T. and SMARTSENSE™ that increase the efficiency of powdered beverage dispensers. Grindmaster® introduces the PrecisionBrew® Series digital coffee brewers and the G-Cool™ cold beverage dispenser, taking coffee brewing standards and cold beverage dispensing to a whole new level.
  • Going Forward – The Top Priority: With continued innovation, product development and quality initiatives, Grindmaster-Cecilware® strives to serve the global food and beverage customer through knowledgeable customer support and solutions-oriented sales and marketing.